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The Shakedeal Show: Latest in the world of business and supply chain trends. We provide context on the changing economy against a backdrop of anecdotes and insightful conversations with today’s thought leaders.

What Is Procurement Procurement 101 - Demystifying Procurement

Episode 2

About ShakeDeal Podcast

We try and make sense of the newsworthy developments and how they can affect businesses and the economy. We breakdown the jargons so as to leave nothing to interpretation, as we try and help make sense of complex topics in the world of online commerce, procurement and supply chain.

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Akshay Hegde

Akshay Hegde

Vinod K. Murthy

Vinod K. Murthy

Recent Episodes

Procurement Talks

A knowledge sharing session to discuss emerging trends and developments in the procurement domain .

Procurement 101: Demystifying Procurement

A knowledge-sharing session on procurement and the evolution of procurement as a function over the years featuring Mr. Akshay Hegde, Co-Founder & MD ShakeDeal.

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